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A Whole New

Taste Experience

Our Light Roast

Has a little more acidity  & more caffeine than a

darker roast.


Our Medium Roast

Has a little smoky flavor from the roasting but is medium in caffeine and smoothness .

Our Dark Roast

Often used in expresso types of drinks. It also  has a more bold, and strong taste.


We Roast ....

Who is Greybeard?

Allen Pepple, AKA Greybeard, is a retired army veteran who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, he discovered the strong amazing local coffee. He learned how to get into some home roasting from a colleague on base . The rest is history and he found his passion for coffee roasting.


You'll love this coffee too!

If you are in or have been in the military or are an active police, fire or rescue personnel we are happy to offer a discounted program for you.


Join today for free to get 10% off your orders.


“Coffee is very delicious! Got the Guatemalan and Columbian blends and they are awesome. I will never buy store bought coffee  again”

Rob.D.Edgar - Via Facebook

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