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Hello coffee drinkers, and welcome to Greybeard’s Coffee!


I’m Allen Pepple, father, dog lover, army veteran and owner of this small batch coffee roasting company. Here at Greybeard’s Coffee, my goal is to provide you with a fresh, unique coffee experience that is reflective of the hard work and passion that goes into it.

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As part of my short 13-year vacation in the Army, I was able to travel to the world and explore coffee from such places as Germany, Romania, Paris, Austria, Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, it was during my deployment to Afghanistan in 2015, that I met a guy who taught me the ways of coffee roasting. Ever since then I have been exploring the ways to not only roast coffee, but make it damn good. My venture into coffee hasn't always been roses and dandelions. Shit, there were times where I almost caught my kitchen on fire, yet here I stand.

Now I want to share my passion for coffee with you all.  My goal is to provide you with fresh coffee all the damn time; burnt down kitchen and all!


I hope you enjoy what I have created as much as I do!

You can email me with feedback, compliments or suggestions anytime.


Allen Pepple, Owner

" I love my coffee bold, my whiskey neat, and my beer cold."

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